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At the time its most famous was SRT, a proprietary resveratrol formulation. Resveratrol and other sirtuin activators are believed to mimic the effects of calorie restriction. Although not entirely proven in humans, for animals — ranging from simple lifeforms like yeast to large mammals like dogs and rhesus monkeys — calorie restriction without malnutrition might be the one known thing which can slow down the aging process.

Rhesus monkeys are thought to be the most similar physiologically to humans, which is why they are so often used in medical studies. These photos are from a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin published in issue of Science Magazine 1.

On the left is a On the right is a monkey of the same age, but who has been on a calorie restrictive diet since an early age. Those photos are worth more than a thousand words.

While not studied for hair loss or male pattern baldness, it certainly should be! Some studies have even found it be more effective than exercise at increasing life span.

True, exercise protects against problems that reduce lifespan — like diabetes and heart disease — but only calorie restriction has been shown to slow primary aging 2.

The exact reason why is unknown. Some wonder if a similar effect might be possible if we could find a way how to boost NAD levels.

Sinclair in on a CBS 60 Minutes episode covering resveratrol. Before the NAD supplement, it was all about resveratrol. Red wine and grape juice — both of which only contain minuscule amounts of resveratrol — were being touted as a superfoods.

Some went so far as to claim it was the official Dr. Oz approved method which was a lie, he does not sell or endorse supplements. Here we are now almost a decade later.

Nearly a billion dollars paid for sirtuins activators, but no drugs on the market. From excitement to silence. So what happened to the resveratrol hype? Is it possible Niagen is more effective? The fact that resveratrol has faded in popularity is not surprising, considering the suspected high doses needed and the fact that resveratrol and presumably, similar compounds are highly sensitive to degradation from light, heat, and air.

The dosage conversion of resveratrol milligrams per kilogram of body weight in animal models was often exponentially higher than what those resveratrol supplements offer you. That being said, as per the words of one biotech insider here at Superfoodly, a billion dollars and one decade later with nothing to show is not that unusual in pharma.Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Posted 18 October - PM. This needs a reference. You are starting to sound like a late-night infomercial.

Chromadex share prices. Posted 19 October - AM. Bc i was thinking the same. Sheesh online discussions are getting more and more ludicrous with the sleazy seeming sales pitches.

tru niagen grey hair

But that one was pretty silly. For one thing hair is easily dyed. Hair was all white before NR. A person's hair grows an average of 6 inches per year. This hair looks to be almost 2 feet long so the oldest hair would be 2 years old.

But she has only been taking NR for 2 years so that means that you are asking us to believe that her hair started growing in as black as soon as she started taking NR? Posted 19 October - PM. Wow user Fredrik replaced the picture when he quoted Mike's post. I think an admin should ban Fredrik.

Mike I noticed the patches of black hair in the origonal picture you posted. I think its inline with other observations of gradual improvement. So it was a joke to use the scary long haired ghost from the movie, not an attempt to deceive. Sorry if I mislead anyone. Posted 20 October - AM. And funny.

It's called a joke. That being said I don't get it.Few of us question why we age. We want solutions and we want them now. How do we get rid of our grey hairs, treat wrinkles, and ease the pain in our aching joints? All the common advice we hear about staying physically activementally stimulatedand socially engaged is true.

A large body of research indicates that healthy aging is a function of our genetic makeup and staying active. The jury is still out on whether staying positive helps. It definitely works for some people while others seem to thrive with a bit of a chip on their shoulder.

Exercises like danceyoga, walking, hiking, running, swimming, and biking are all good. Certain supplements may help with muscle recovery making it easier to stay activeor provide that extra energy boost we need to stay alert or get out of the house. Aging of the skin has a great deal to do with our environment, which is why most dermatologists and skin experts recommend moisturizing and staying out of the sun.

Skin wrinkles are caused by changes to the layers of the skin, and a decreased quality of those cells.

tru niagen grey hair

In some layers, keratinocytesa type of skin cell, are to blame for wrinkles. In other layers, collagen proteins are to blame. Researchers have identified several aging hallmarksand if we can understand how they all relate to one another and what they have in common, it could help us age better.

Here are three key hallmarks:. These tiny regions protect the ends of our DNA from damage. They function like little caps. But like the rest of our DNA, telomeres get old. This causes them to degrade, decline, or take on harmful behaviors. Our cells can only survive for as long as telomeres allow them to.

Most of the energy our bodies produce depends on oxygen consumption in our mitochondria.

tru niagen grey hair

But this energy is not without cost. This aging hallmark is common in every organism. Our innate ability to replicate and repair DNA is remarkable, but sometimes that damage goes unnoticed and gets passed onto new cells. This creates an imbalance, or genomic instability.When we look in the mirror, it can be hard to imagine how our cells have anything to do with the image staring back at us.

Answering The Big Questions About Aging

A new study published last month provides an intriguing answer to this question. Lead author Bhupendra Singh and colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham uncovered a direct link between the health of our mitochondria and two common and highly visible signs of aging: hair loss and wrinkles.

With lots of help from NAD nicotinamide adenine dinucleotidemitochondria keep our cells operating at their best.

Scientists have noticed that our mitochondria become less efficient as we get older, leading to decreased cellular energy and a host of related problems. Declining mitochondrial health is now widely considered a hallmark of aging.

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But does aging cause mitochondrial dysfunction or does declining mitochondrial health lead to the physiological changes we associate with aging? Or is the truth somewhere in between? This chicken-and-egg conundrum inspired Singh and colleagues to dive deeper into this complicated relationship between mitochondrial health and aging.

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The researchers engineered a special mouse to study the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction independently of other age-related processes. A few weeks after making mitochondria dysfunctional, the researchers started noticing some striking changes. Visible skin wrinkles appeared.

tru niagen grey hair

Hair fell out. Males and females even showed different patterns of hair loss, with males showing patchier hair loss than females. When the researchers made mitochondria functional again, these changes disappeared. In just one month, previously wrinkled skin became smoother and thinned out hair regrew. The changes caused by mitochondrial dysfunction could be reversed by simply restoring mitochondrial health. First, it establishes a stronger causative link between mitochondrial health and some of the changes we associate with aging.

By manipulating mitochondrial health independently of age, this mouse study shows that inducing—and reversing—mitochondrial dysfunction can directly affect visible signs of aging. Second, this study suggests that supporting the health of our cellular powerhouses may not only prevent outward signs of aging but also has the potential to reverse changes that have already occurred.

But these preliminary results show promise for supporting our health, inside and out, as we age. Keshav Singh, a professor of genetics in the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, led the team of scientists working on this study.

Meaning that keeping mitochondria healthy could mean good things for the rest of our bodies, too. While we not-so-patiently wait for scientists to figure out the secrets of healthy aging, this study serves as an excellent reminder that, while invisible, our cells—and the mitochondria they contain—are an integral part of our overall health. The trillions of cells inside us ensure that our bodies function optimally over time.

An FAQ with Dr. What Is NAD? Gene On, Gene Off The researchers engineered a special mouse to study the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction independently of other age-related processes.

How Does Cellular Repair Work? An Island Of Power. These energy-making machines are making a comeback. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Life, Health C Shatto September 20, Science, Life C Shatto August 16, Update: January 14, — Dr.

Official link. Make sure to ask Dr. A recent interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick is also worth a watch. Sinclair talk at Google in September Update: In SeptemberDr.

David Sinclair made yet another appearance on the Joe Rogan show. He also discussed HGH, rapamycin, caloric restriction and fasting for longevity. On a related note, make sure to read my past post on TA and Telomerase. Update: In JanuaryDr. David Sinclair made an appearance on the Joe Rogan show. He discussed NAD and other supplements in there. David Andrew Sinclair in several posts in and Make sure to also check out Dr.

Levels and bioavailability in humans decrease with ago.

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In DecemberDr. Sinclair posted a link to new research on real-time NAD biosensors. The latter it the oxidized form of the former. David Sinclair states that his team does not recommend people taking NAD precursors, since they have not yet been formally tested for safety. A company named Tru Niagen also sells them directly. Dosages can vary for most of these supplements. So most companies are instead focusing on supplements. While NAD itself is difficult to administer directly to humans, its precursors — nicotinamide riboside NR and nicotinamide mononucleotide NMN — are promising natural compounds to test in humans.

However, make sure to read customer reviews in detail to make sure that there are long term benefits. Some people might just be experiencing placebo short term benefits. NMN supplements can come in pill, tablet, capsule and powder forms. Nicotinamide riboside also called Niagen is an alternative form of Vitamin B3. It has been touted to reverse grey hair, wrinkles, hair loss and various other signs of aging.

Thorne Research makes a popular combination version of nicotinamide riboside with resveratrol and cofactors. This will allow for more conclusive evidence in regards to both benefits and side effects in the near future.

So rather than increasing NAD levels to live longer, one may need to decrease them to fight cancer.

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This precursor is a naturally occurring compound that is found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, avocado and edamame. David Sinclair has all the credentials of a reputable and brilliant scientist.From pills to creams to meditations to exercises, it seems there is a multitude of oft-confusing ways to avoid aging out there.

Of course, I also do incorporate many of the natural and free strategies I talk about here. Many of the signs of aging are often just the symptoms of a failing cellular mechanism or mitochondrial damage. And what do many cells need to operate at peak health? This is why I believe increasing NAD in the body should be a top priority for anyone trying to support their health as they age. You're about to discover why, and how to do just that. The signs of aging are abundant, and yet you may not be noticing the less obvious warning signs that should be convincing you it's time to take action to prevent the decline in health and body that occurs as you grow older.

As you age, your cells decline in their ability to be able to resist stress and damage, resulting in a gradual loss of cellular function that leads to many of the physical issues listed above. So it stands to reason that if you can prevent cellular aging, you can prevent the signs of aging in general. A molecule called NAD can help support cellular health.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a coenzyme discovered over years ago by scientists studying fermentation. Your cells turn the energy stored in the food you eat into cellular energy ATP.

As part of the whole assembly line of operations that occur within a cell to get your organs to function, NAD is a crucial factory worker. If you appreciate your heart pumping, lungs breathing, muscles contracting, food digesting, etc.

When sirtuins are activated and doing their jobs, they support cellular maintenance and repair. Sirtuins have been implicated in influencing a wide range of cellular processes like aging, transcription, apoptosis, inflammation and stress resistance, as well as energy efficiency and alertness during low-calorie situations.

Sirtuins can also control circadian clocks and mitochondrial biogenesis. So your cells need NAD and your body is capable of creating it, but as you age, your cells take on a lot of stress and NAD is rapidly consumed as the cells cope. Metabolic stresses such as overeating and consuming alcohol can contribute even further to the depletion of NAD. Worse still, NAD decreases as we get older — a year-old is likely to have half the count of NAD that they did at Preclinical research shows that exercising and calorie restriction can both aid in upping NAD levels.

These are two strategies I already advocate for and just make sense as part of a holistic health regimen. However, one of the easiest ways to naturally increase NAD without an IV is via supplements, more specifically the B3 vitamins I discussed here in my podcast with Dr.

Why You Should Be Careful With Niacin and Nicotinamide Riboside - Chris Masterjohn Lite #54

Here are just a few ways our bodies use NAD each day :. There are actually 8 different vitamins that make up the B vitamin complex, one of which is B3. B3 vitamins are precursors to NAD, meaning they are basically ingredients that your body uses to create more NAD through cellular chemical processes.

But there are three forms of B3, and the newest one to be discovered, nicotinamide riboside NRis the one scientists are getting especially excited about. The B3 most people are familiar with is niacin nicotinic acid.For some time I have been following testimonials of people with regards to the health benefits they experience by using nicotinamide riboside.

One of the areas that is seldom mentioned is hair regrowth. That makes me believe that nicotinamide riboside users do not experience hair regrowth or that it is so minor they do not find it worth to mention. It is also safe to say I think that for example Charles Brenner did not experience hair regrowth which can be easily concluded from his interview video ……no offense…. This started almost 1.

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR/Niagen) personal experience thread

You can see pictures below and conclude yourself whether it is true or not. I know it is the case and close people around me confirm it. As I started in summertime I also added some pterostilbene that reputedly protects against the damages of sunlight.

Typically I created a lotion that would last 3 days. Since I have learned that NR may not be entirely stable so probably only the first day application might have done something. In the beginning I would make the 3 day lasting mix once a week.

Ever since the hair regrowth got on track I slowed it to once a month. Comments and own experiences welcome. Also I updated the general personal experiences page which you can find here. EDIT: based on some feedbacks please consider the improvement in the light of a situation of a retreating hairline and thinning hair. My hope was to halt this process, but it has reversed which exceeded my expectations.

EDIT 2: at the bottom of the page you can find links to updated comparison picture, last comparison is from December Latest comments on my hair status here and just added December comparison picture here. Hi, thank you very much for the feedback. Giving details on the vehicule would help too, to reproduce the very same experiment. At least, a topical applied 2 or 3 times a day should not have this problem. Unfortunately I do not have pure NR or Ptero, instead I opened the capsules but that means you get the filler too.

I dont think that dissolves and actually stays on the skin surface. I used approx 4 ml cream with 1 capsule NR mg and 1 capsule Ptero 50mg. I applied it once a day in the evening. Considering the unstability half a capsule with 2ml is probably a better way to do it.

Goodluck and hope to hear whether you see some improvement in a month. Thank you for your story. I arrived here out of interest in using NR against hair loss. Is NR unstable when mixed with a liquid? Can you point me to some articles about that? I also want to mix it and use it topically. Hi Ray, indeed NR appears not to be stable in liquids. But it depends on the liquid. Thank you. I looked up the Sagepub article.